I am a poet, a video maker, a husband, a father and an aspiring playwright. My poetry is typically inspired by my journey with God, life experiences and my passion for storytelling. Writing and reading poetry has been a great comfort for me, and I truly believe there is divine power in the written word.
I also believe in art that connects. I don’t claim to be to be the most eloquent poet, or use grand illusive phrases, I simply just write what I, a normal person, would like to read. If art can’t touch normal people then what’s the point? Here’s a good example of the type of poetry that I write:


I’ve just published my first book, “75 Uplifting Poems For Christians”. I thought a lot about how much to charge for this collection and in the end I decided I wanted to make it as accessible as possible to as many people as possible. You can, essentially, pay whatever you want for this collection and it works on any ereader device (and there’s also a physical version if you prefer that) If you’re a Christian and you’d like to immerse yourself in more positive and spiritual media then I strongly recommend you check it out.


Truth be told, I think I’ve always been a poet. As a kid one of my favorite things to do was write. I would write short stories, comics, poems (the first one I can remember was called “The Pencil Who Went to Kalamazoo” oh how I wish I still had that somewhere…) and mini scripts for movies I’d make up in my head. The love for writing was in my blood.

However, at age 8 my parents very wisely put me in a youth theater. I continued to act on stage consistently for 11 years and during that time my writing took a back seat. Theater taught me some amazing life skills and I gained some friendships that were life changing. I shudder to think where my life would be without those 11 years of experience. None the less, being a professional actor just doesn’t appeal to me. Writing and sharing poetry full time has now become my passion.

I married my amazing sweet heart in November of 2009. She has been a great blessing to me and keeps me grounded when I would otherwise be all over the place. Together we have two kids and another one on the way.

Now, enough about me.  Tell me about you in the comments.  🙂


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